Samarabalouf “UP”

A new Samarabalouf arrived ! The SAMARABALOUF “UP”


For nearly 20 years, the compositions of guitarist François Petit have explored the globe round, yet remain near the border of gypsy and manouche music.
With him, a violin and cello replace the “Gypsy pump” normally played by rhythm guitar, whilst the whole is carried  by the Classic double bass.

Together, the four musicians, pinch, rub, hit, and fly with a and common desire to share music from the East, North and South and to explore different styles ; from  rock and country to lyrical music and so much more !

The new Samarabalouf album  “Up” brings you on a tour of  their new repertoire of “French World Music”


Release in the bins of the new album “UP” on April 27, 2018!



Nancy Jazz Pulsasions | Le Divan du Monde, Paris | Festival Chalons dans la Rue, Chalons sur Saône (71) | Festival « Les Bernics en Folies », l’Ile d’Yeu (85) | Festival Le Chaînon Manquant, Figeac (46) | Festival les Transcevenois, Sumènes (30) | Festival sur les Cultures Nomades, Ecole Centrales, Chatenay-Malabry (92) | Circuits Scènes Conventionnées, Auch (32) | Francofolies de Spa, Belgique; Festival les Déferlantes Francophones, Cap Breton (32) | Fête de l’Humanité, Paris; USA: Louisianne, Nouvelle Orléans, Festival International de Lafayette, Salt Lake City,Los Angeles, Seattle, New York City … | Canada : La Francofête, Moncton, Nouveau Brunswick, Oakville | Festival Paroles et Musiques, Concerts en Prison, St Etienne | Foire de Mai, Uzeste | Festival Django à Liberchies, Belgique | Festival des Puces, Paris St Ouen | Les Francofolies, La Rochelle (17) | Rogers Park, World Music Festival, Chicago | Millennium Stage, Kennedy Center, Washington DC | Solidays, Paris (75) | Tunis, Tunisia | International Festival, Houston, USA | Printemps de Pérouges (01) | Django Festivalen, Oslo, Norvège

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Booking contacts

Isabelle SIRE
03 88 16 07 84 / 06 10 83 22 11

Belgium contact
Bernard MOISSE
+ 32 (0) 486 555 666

Line Up

Phyllipa Scammell Cello
Léo Mathieu Violin, Mandolin
Michel Sanlaville Double bass
François Petit Composition, guitar


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Song List (SACEM)


Article 1 – La Ruche Média
Article 2 – Le Monde

Article 3
Article 4 
Article 5
Article 6
Article 7
Article 8



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