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ATHOS supports artistic creation by accompanying the creators in their projects, their careers and in the execution of their stage, sound and audiovisual productions. It enables representative artists of a culture, of a genre, and carriers of innovative artistic projects to conceive and realize original, innovative and interdisciplinary works.


Through its work with several festivals and shows worldwide, and its long experience in the professional artistic field, ATHOS insures that its projects are being presented and promoted to professionals, institutions and the general public. Thanks to its successful Web tools, Athos lets people see, hear and understand the tones and images of its artistsā€™ creations, revealing a constantly evolving cultural environment.


Interaction with the audience is what encourages contemporary artistic creativity. ATHOS promotes the performances of its artists to a large network of event organizers, public and private institutions. ATHOS also proposes a programming service offering advice and guidance concerning the artistic program of cultural events of any kind.

Biennale du Fort de Bron

The first edition of the Biennale of Fort Bron took place from 23 June to 4 July 1987 with the creation of the Mysteries of Paris by Eugene SUE.

Since then, the Biennale has continued to increase its visibility and reputation. This unique event was listed as a summer rendezvous in the landscape of regional cultural creation. A popular theater, bringing together a wide audience in an emblematic location which was part of the architectural heritage of the city.

Thirteen original creations , in 26 years of existence as well as success, who saw public attendance increase from 1500 in 1987 to more than 16,000 spectators and 10 to 37 shows since the 2007 edition . Fidelity to all public events (including bad weather ), a seamless continuity in the private and public support and an unwavering commitment to the City of Lyon, were also key to the success of this amazing longevity.

2013, on decision of the city of Bron, was the last edition of “Biennale du Fort de Bron”.

For more information pleaseĀ call the city council.

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