Nautis is a trio formed by Neapolitan Paris based oud player Gianluca Campanino, Norwegian violinist Inger Hannisdal, and pianist Ivano Leva, also from Naples. Meeting over a shared interest in Arabic maqam, Mediterranean folk music and Nordic Jazz, the trio  creates an original sound, nostalgic yet modern, evocative of pastorale landscapes and the Mediterranean sea.

The music crosses geographical borders, adding to the modal scales and microtonality of Arabic music influences from Neapolitan music, classical counterpoint, jazz improvisation and Nordic sonority.  The compositions of Gianluca Campanino draws on his experiences studying in Damascus and Morocco, to which the other musicians add their own personal touch.
The result is a melodic and emotional journey from Naples to Oslo, passing by Andalusia and the southern Mediterranean.

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Philippe LOPEZ
06 52 13 40 34

Titouan MARTIN
06 86 18 03 09

Line up

  • Gianluca Campanino oud
  • Inger Hannisdal violin
  • Ivano Leva piano


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