Le Bal à Bistan Folk Ball

About the Artist

Formation of single ball of its kind, where you’re going to a collective folk dance from an Arab song, from a waltz to a Brazilian forro, an from Italian tarantella to a tango …
The Bal à Bistan move to dance all ages and all audiences. The singer and accordionist multilingual Reno Bistan, moves with energy, great music bubbling explains with deep humor few steps of dances, leading to the dance even more recalcitrant.

The music is not left behind as the careful arrangements by guitarist Yves Perrin (including musician with Daedalus Vach’inton (G) Amrat Hussain Trio, Gillie Mc Pherson …) leave a great part in improvisation and a groove backed by a solid rhythm team.


Festival Rhizome Institut des Cultures d’Islam (Paris) | Estivada Occitane de Rodez (12) | Festival Maza’grand (Lyon) | Fête de la ville de Montreuil (93)

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Line Up

  • Reno Bistan
    Lead Singer/Accordion/Tambourine
  • Yves Perrin Guitar
  • Alice Waring Saxophone/Ukulélé/Singer
  • Claude Bakubama Bass
  • Hadrien Santos da Silva Drums



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