Bab Assalam


Bab Assalam is an invitation to travel. The Transmediterranee, from the West to the East …


The group is inspired by Sufi thought, meditative by giving it a dramaturgical direction closer to the Western tradition.
A music with an image, poetic and transcendental.
Their compositions and improvisations are the source of a hypnotic music.


Nothing predisposed those to meet … except their love of music and the sharing of certain strong ideals such as respect for others or the fraternization of cultures.

It is in Aleppo, at an artists’ residence, that their paths intersect. On the one hand, the two Syrian brothers and musicians emeritus Khaled Aljaramani (one of the undisputed masters of the oud in the Middle East) and Mohanad Aljaramani (percussion), on the other hand the French baroque clarinettist, happily “touches “All,” Raphael Vuillard.

Bab Assalam (“the door of peace” in Arabic) explores, with great sensitivity and humanity, the borders of a world-music generous and impregnated with Sufi thought, at the borders of genres between East and West.

Their music full of spirituality and poetry is a hit. The trio multiplies the dates in the Middle East, Africa, Europe before recording a record at AdVitam / Harmonia Mundi in 2008.




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Philippe LOPEZ
+336 52 13 40 34

Line up

  • Khaled Aljaramani oud, sing
  • Mohanad Aljaramani percussion, oud, sing
  • Raphaël Vuillard clarinet, bass clarinet


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